VIP Club

Senior Issue


Ryan Horwitz

VIP Club is a club dedicated to the welfare of others. Over the course of the year, VIP club has done several events to raise awareness and increase donations. In the beginning of the year, VIP club collected many cans for a food canned food drive that were donated to Gleaners Food Bank. This was perhaps the biggest event of the year. William Bishop, a Spanish 3 teacher at the high school better known as Senor Bishop, took some of the members with him to Gleaners to turn in the food. The seniors in this club are Minhal Ansari (Vice Presient), Shehr Asghar (Treasurer), Lily Barash, Jacqueline Bulmer, Kinari Deodhar, Alison Goldstein, Jenae Green, Stefanie Hannosh, Alexa Johnson, Julia Kassel, Jenna Kesh, Nataliya Kruk, Anoop Ravella, Rebecca Ross, Dalia Rubenstein, Ronveer Sandhu, Rooha Tariq (President), Maria Wardia, and Zofishan Zahid. VIP club is not just about helping the members in it, but helping those around the community. These seniors will leave shoes to fill in VIP club, band they will all be missed! Congratulations, seniors!