The Verdict Is In

Arianna Heyman, Writer

The verdict is in, and the jury has decided that the Seniors in Law Club/ Teen Court are all going to have very successful futures. Law Club and Teen Court is a club that takes part in legitimate cases in front of Judge Kuhn and Judge Barron at the 48th and 51st district courts. They also listen to many guest speakers like prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, local law enforcement, and even one of Marco Rubio’s fundraising managers. They take field trips to jails and courthouses too. Neil Haran, who has been a member for four years, who is now apart of the executive board says, “Law club has given me a far more in-depth knowledge base of the ways that our government works. The experience of being the club not only incorporated general facts about our federal governmental operations such as the Presidential elections and Supreme Court, but also gave me an intimate view of local and state politics. Through my experience with the club, I have been able to meet a variety of elected officials, their staff, local law-enforcement, and students at colleges such as the University of Michigan who are studying the political process.”

Club President Ashley Shultz also spoke about how this club has changed her and said,  “Law club has taught me to look at every side of a story. It’s taught me to look from another’s eyes and not to cast rash judgements. Law club has taught me to be a more understanding, open person.” The seniors in this club will go on to be the leaders, lawyers, and future of this country. West Bloomfield is lucky to have these brilliant students represent our school now and in the future.The