Seniors Making A Splash

Arianna Heyman, Writer

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The high standards of West Bloomfield High School’s swim and dive team, have clearly been met by this year’s graduating Seniors. Jacqueline Bumler, Aliza Durack, Bhavna Garapati, Paige Hartman, Alexa Johnson, Courtney McGinnis, and Ashley Stone have all put their tremendous skills on display, and the results have been apparent. The team at the  beginning of the season was off to a bit of a rocky start, coming in 5th, 4th, and 11th place in their first three matches. Gradually, they improved, coming in first place at the OAA Prelims at Royal Oak High School, and at the OAA diving event. When asked about how it felt to finally be a senior on the team, Aliza Durack, one of the captains said, “It was really great getting to do what the seniors did when I was an underclassmen. It is really exciting because I got to see how I could impact them. Plus, it made me appreciate the sport a lot and how it brings people together.” Unfortunately, in the OAA league finals, they placed 4th, which is not high enough to qualify, but they have proven their strengths and abilities in the water. Courtney McGinnis, another team captain reflected on her year saying, “hard work. This year was a great change from the past years. It took a lot more out of us and forced us to put a lot more work in. I feel swimmers are a different species. We can pass our breaking point, and still keep going. It takes a great deal of hard work.” Laker Nation is very proud to have this group of Seniors represent the school, and showcase the talent that West Bloomfield has to offer.


*OVERALL RECORD: 1 – 5 – 0*   


Date Time Event Conf. Result Details
09.01.2015 2:00pm Meet @ Wayne State Relays


N 5th44pts
09.10.2015 6:00pm Berkley High School N W 97-89 MAP
09.12.2015 7:30am Invitational @ West Bloomfield High School


N 4th110pts MAP
09.17.2015 6:00pm @ Bloomfield Hills High School N L 75-111 MAP
09.24.2015 6:00pm @ Harrison High School N L 84-99 MAP
09.29.2015 6:00pm North Farmington High School N L 79-107 MAP
10.03.2015 6:00pm Oakland County Meet @ Lake Orion High School N 11th73pts MAP
10.08.2015 6:00pm Royal Oak High School N L 85-98 MAP
10.09.2015 8:00pm @ Bloomfield Hills High School N 0-0
10.15.2015 6:00pm @ Rochester High School N L 71-112 MAP
11.04.2015 5:30pm OAA Prelims @ Royal Oak High School


N 1st0pts MAP
11.05.2015 6:00pm OAA Diving @ Royal Oak High School


N 1st20pts MAP
11.06.2015 6:00pm OAA League Finals @ Royal Oak High School


N 4th310pts MAP