Be The Change


Avani Samandur

Changing our school for the better is something that everyone always talks about doing, and the Be the Change club is doing exactly that. Lindsey DuFresne is a senior in Be the Change, and has had a great impact on the club and the entire school. DuFresne is a very large part of the club, as she is the vice president. As the vice president, she helps the activities run efficiently, and in the words of Be the Change president Nina Ross, “Lindsey helps us make the impact we intended to make at the start of the year.”

DuFresne is a very large part of Be the Change, as she plans activities and spends a lot of time outside of school communicating with Ross about upcoming Be the Change events. Ross says that without Lindsey, “the club would not run as smooth

ly as it does”, and that she is “proud to have been able to work alongside her during her last year in

Senior Lindsey DuFresne (far right) during a Be The Change meeting.
Senior Lindsey DuFresne (far right) during a Be The Change meeting.

high school”.

DuFresne also has wonderful things to say about her time in Be the Change, because she says that she enjoys “ having the opportunity to help others enjoy this school just as much as [she does].” She says that she “enjoys making this school a welcoming place especially for those who need a home away from home”, and is going to miss being a part of Be the Change. One particular thing about Be the Change that really impacted DuFresne was Challenge Day, and she says that it “made me realize that we all go through different things at home and it is not right to judge someone by there appearance. You never know what is going on outside of school, and always treat people with respect.” She will miss the Be the Change meetings, and would give underclassmen advice to get as involved in school as they can because it passes by so fast. Congratulations to Lindsey on being a “dedicated and passionate leader of Be the Change since day on