Talking with Dunia

Forensics allows students to polish their public speaking skills while having fun competing with other student in their selected events. These events fall into either speech or performance based events. Performance based events tend to focus on telling a story. Whereas  speech based events focus on the sharing of information.  There is one senior in forensics, Dunia Zawideh. Zawideh, as well as her younger peers have been memorizing, practicing and competing all season. This season was full of eventful tournaments.  Tournaments that allow students to bloom and grow into confident young orators who are ready to speak to the world.

Zawideh says that the best part of being the only senior on the team is, “I already know Kyle and Robbie, who come in to help a lot, I already have the established relationships with them which gives me an advantage over younger members “. Forensics helped prepare her for the real world , ” It’s helped me with presenting myself a lot and speaking to an audience for  prolonged amounts of time… so it really helps me in the sense of speaking to people who are not only my peers, but people who might not know me “.  But she believes that her greatest forensics achievement is “The last competition, my first competition, I made it to semifinals and 2 out of the 4 judges marked me 1 which means I got first place,”.

Good luck Dunia, we wish you luck in all  your Post academic endeavors.