Does Your Court Have Spirit?

Lakers spin off their homecoming weekend with the annual parade


On October 4, 2013 at 5 p.m., West Bloomfield High School kicked off their annual homecoming parade starting from Prince of Peace Church along Green Road and ended in the parking lot of the high school. The parade included the spirit court for each grade, homecoming floats, club banners, and the marching band.

Every year, student government for each grade work together to create homecoming floats for their grade. This year, the homecoming theme was “WB goes way back.” Each grade was assigned a different time period to design their float around. The freshmen had modern day, sophomores had medieval times, juniors had the classical (Greek) period, and seniors had the prehistoric times. Neighborhood families enjoyed watching the parade. “I liked that they threw candy to us,” said Zora B’sheart, age seven. “It was fun,” said her sister, Moby B’sheart, age nine.

Along with the homecoming floats, each grade’s spirit prince and princess rode in convertibles in the parade. The freshman prince and princess were Ryan Ishbia and Kendall Veasey, representing the sophomores were Nathan Pasternak and Bianca Hoban, and junior prince and princess were Jacob Rashty and Brooke Bain. Bain said, “I was really honored that my peers and classmate were so supportive of me.” This year the senior nominees for king and queen were, Brianna Karcho and Eric Litman, Morgan Flynn and Nina Fan, and Daphne Cantuba and Chris Watkins. Watkins and Cantuba were announced as homecoming king and queen at the football game. Cantuba says that being homecoming queen “made the experience really fun.”

Freshman Prince and Princess Ryan Ishbia and Kendall Veasey
Freshman Homecoming Float


Sophomore Prince and Princess Nathan Pasternak and Bianca Hoban
Sophomore Homecoming Float





Junior Homecoming Float
Senior Homecoming Float


Junior Prince and Princess Brooke Bain and Jacob Rashty


Homecoming Queen Daphne Cantuba (Not Pictured: Homecoming King Chris Watkins)
King and Queen Nominee Morgan Flynn and Nina Fan




King and Queen Nominee Eric Litman and Brianna Karcho