Saying Goodbye to Student council

The 2016 student council says goodbye while they share their thoughts about prom

Jo Fogarasi , writer

While the seniors start to think about prom, 2016 student council busily works on the final touches. The seniors Robby Reid, Nathan Pasternack, Sydney Jones, Jenna Diclemente, Hailey Brown, Jordan Clements, Brooke Blind, Sari Grossman, and Christin Dewberry all participated on the 2016 student council. The student council puts on fun and interactive events to help raise money for their prom. Class president, Jordan Clements says “since it’s our senior year, our class council is mainly on on preparation for prom. With the responsibility of class president, I have put a lot of work when it comes to deciding our class colors, graduation events, and senior shirts.” Treasurer, Christin Dewberry says “my favorite part about student council was either running or building a float with the rest of my council members.” The student council worked hard this year and wishes the seniors a great prom!