The Final Frontier For French Club

French club seniors say au revoir

Jo Fogarasi , writer

The year slows down and Ali Saab, Ian Graham, and Gaelle Mace hang up their berets, and fancy scarves as they give french club an Au Revoir. Over the course of the year French Club explored French Culture, French food, and French music. Every week, students enjoyed a french dish such as Macaroons, Crepes, and lemon tarts. The club also danced and sang music popular in France. Senior Ali Saab says “French club expands my knowledge of the French culture in a really fun way.” The biggest event that French Club did was Mardi Gras. Students in the club made masks and beads for the school and handed them out to students on February 9th (fat tuesday). Students walked around with colorful accessories and stuffed their faces with King Cake, which is a cake popular on Mardi Gras. The seniors had a good time stuffing their faces with French delicacies, and dancing to the beat of Stromae. For now the seniors put down their bikes, eat their baguettes, and say Bonjour to somewhere new.