Final Bows

An Ode to the Seniors In Drama


Emma Lundgren, writer

For the 2015-2016 school year the West Bloomfield High School’s (WBHS) Drama Club put on many annual events that proved to be a big success. Starting the year off, they began with the Fall production of Brave New World which received numerous great reviews. On her time participating in Brave New World, senior Lauren Alo says, “it put bunnies on my feet and rainbows in my heart” Lauren played Lenina who was the leading female of the performance. After the Fall show the Drama club hosted many smaller events including Film Fest, Forensics and Kids Show. Pierce Kaufman, the drama department’s Senior Director and an actor in this year’s Kid Show says “I always love to do kids show, it the one time of the year where I can act instead of direct”. To end the year, Drama Club put on a performance of Addams Family the Musical for their Spring Musical. Jackson Abohasira, who played Mal comments on his experience by saying “Spring show was an amazing experience. It was a great way to end the year and a great last show”. The impact that drama has had on each of the seniors has been tremendous, many say it made their overall high school experience. It is very clear these students talents will not cease to exist as they make their departure from WBHS and enter into the real world.


Here are the seniors in Drama Club:

Jackson Abohasira

Lauren Alo

Brenna Birr

Tamia Briscoe

Tyra Briscoe

Justin Dooley

Brian Ekizian

Ian Graham

Nick Hampton

Madeleine Hughes

Alex Kaufman

Pierce Kaufman

Olivia Krieger

Ian Mahoney

Michael McGibbon

Perry Devon Quarker Jr.

Aaron Strager

Erin Suchara

Caroline Sucher

Elizabeth Tepper

Julia Weingarden

Kelsey Wimbley

Dunia Zawideh

Rachel Zuckerburg