2016 Prom Committee


Brenna Birr

Since they were freshman, the senior class has been planning the 2016 prom. All the fundraisers that have been advertised through all four years was to make the senior prom as exciting as everyone imagines. Every t-shirt sale, powderpuff, and many other events have contributed to one of the most memorable nights a senior can have.

The Prom Committee is a part of the senior class council, and the teachers that advise the group is Mark Smith and Kelli Danton. All of the students involved are Jenna DiClemente, Hailey Brown, Jourdan Clements, Nathan Pasternak, Robbie Reid, Sari Grossman, Brooke Blind, Sydney Jones, and Christin Dewberry. These students have made it their job to create a wonderful night for all of the seniors.