The Last Page


Ashley Thoms, Writer

Throughout the past year, seniors in West Bloomfield High School’s Book Club have read many books and gained the opportunity to talk to peers about their opinions on certain topics and authors. Students in the club over the past four years have met with authors, attended book readings, and flipped through countless pages of material that invoked thought and understanding. This year they collaborated with the Gay Straight Alliance Club to bring in new perspectives about the book I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson . The supervisor of Book Club, Julie Abeska, offers her graduating seniors the advice, “Think of life like a good book. The more you get into it, the more it makes sense.” She also recalled her time with her students and added, “I really enjoyed getting to know the students in book club.  Many shared stories of their own lives that connected with the books we were reading.  It was a chance to know them on a different level and see them with a new perspective.”