The Final Goal

Ashley Thoms, Writer

While the West Bloomfield High School Field Hockey Team had rough season, the seniors sure had fun playing one of their favorite sports for the last time. Overall, the fifteen seniors that played field hockey – Morgan Gordon, Mackenzie King, Marci Welford, Erin Simon, Emily Vorce, Hilary Basel, Rose Fahmy, Morgan Chen, Amanda Wigler, Lexi Michaels, Peyton Sternfeld, Liza Gold, Mackenzie Burk, Mackenzie Currie, and Susan Ruby – enjoyed a positive atmosphere and learned a lot from their fellow teammates. The field hockey program has changed a lot since these girls were freshman and have seen many coaching and staff changes which led to an effort to reshape the program. In the 2015 season, head coach Emily Figueroa led the team through a troublesome season and taught them the importance of continuing to play even when everything does not go as planned.