Their Last Shot

Ashley Thoms, Writer

The seniors from the West Bloomfield High School Girls Varsity Lacrosse team have spent several years shaping, changing, and participating in the program, but their time on a high school field has officially come to an end. The seniors – Liza Gold, Tehya Monarch, and Alexis Sanders – played in a long season that saw a few losses but several wins. The three seniors have played defense since their start in the program, though Monarch occasionally jumps up to midfield. Sanders has been playing for three years while Gold and Monarch have played since their freshmen year. Since their start there have been several coaching changes, the team started out with Doctor Jill Adamczyk and Ellen Stzalkowski as coaches which eventually switched over to Darrell Grandberry and Megan Callahan. The assistant coach for the 2014 and 2015 season was AJ Levell and in 2016 Samantha Huyghe.

The 2016 season saw two wins and thirteen losses for the team. In addition, the team attended Regionals and played against Troy Athens who beat them with a final score of 7-11. Sanders, Monarch, and Gold all fought hard throughout their high school careers to be the best defensive players possible, constantly making interceptions and stopping the other team’s plays. Monarch and Gold even had the honor of becoming team captains for the 2016 season along side Taylor Cantelon (’17). Gold and Monarch will be attending Central Michigan University in the fall and Sanders will go on to Michigan State University.