A Time to Reflect

Ashley Thoms, Writer

The high school spring sports 2016 season has come to a close, and many teams have taken the chance to look back and reflect on their season. The West Bloomfield High School Girls (WBHS) Lacrosse Team finished all their games and went on to Regionals. The season overall saw many struggles for the team that fought to keep their scores up. In the end, the Varsity team had two wins and thirteen losses. The JV team ended with three wins as well and ten losses.

The season started out fairly shaky, something to be expected of an almost completely new team. It took a few weeks and five games, but eventually the Varsity team found their groove and won their first game against Rochester Adams High School. On May 9, 2015, the team won their second game against Oxford High School. The JV team had a similar cycle and took a few weeks to win their games against Stoney Creek High School, Oxford High School, and Rochester High School. While the statistics may not be in favor of WBHS, many of the players agree that this season was one of the best in program history and admit that this the first time everyone really came together as a team.