Finals Advice


Leah-Anne Thompson

Frustration with homework or schoolwork or child with learning difficulties.

As the end of the school year approaches, many students are tasked with the challenge of finals. Each and every student has their own ways of studying, so spectrum decided to hit the streets and share some of WB student’s expert studying tips.


Sophia Canella 10th- “play relaxing music with your headphones in, i find that always helps. I also recommend to study each subject for a half an hour then take a break and switch subjects so you can give your brain a break.”


Alex Beaty 10th-” Spend every single day at the library and make sure to stay focused. Try not to be on your phone because it can be distracting and slow down your process. I always study with a friends but it’s up to you.”


David Wilson 11th- “Don’t do anything last minute if you’re planning on studying for a hard final and always keep yourself organized so you’re not a cluttered mess.”


Patsy Olson 9th-” write things down, don’t type them because you learn things better from writing them down. Doing notecards, even if you don’t go back and look at the notecards, they are still beneficial  just to have. Spend a set time on one subject then taking a break and going to another always helps. Don’t try to look at your phone, use computer to look things up instead of your phone.”


Ilyssa Brunhild 11th- “Don’t do it all last minute, repetition and review. Don’t do everything the night before and procrastinate. It’s important to get sleep and eat good food. Don’t stress out or freak out. Know that you’re going to try your best and do the best you can do.”


Anya Miller 11th- “Just do it. Make sure you get all the materials you need from your teachers before you sit down and study because if you start and don’t have the things you need you’re going to be screwed. Chew gum, the same kind of gum you’re going to chew during the test because it helps you remember, scientists have proven it.”


Izzi Eyles 9th- “When you’re reading a textbook every couple of pages, put a piece of candy and when you’ve read up to that point  you eat the candy and then continue, its motivational.”


Brian Korot 11th- “Turn off all technology. No phones, no tv, no radio, no nothing. It helps you focus.”


Regina McManaman 10th- “study different subjects in different rooms and different places. Take notes in different colors to help organize.”


Hiriliz Ocasio 9th- “Eat comfort food, listen to music you like, and study in the morning”


Hopefully these tips helped, good luck.