2016-2017 Staff

Ari Felhandler


Ari is a junior and this is his third year in Spectrum. He loves the school spirit at West Bloomfield High School, especially the attendance at sports games. He enjoys playing different sports such as basketball, baseball, and...

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Randy Kaplan


Mr. Kaplan moved to Michigan in 2015. He has worked as a teacher, fiction editor, musician, actor, tutor, and guitar instructor over the years. He studied philosophy at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and went on to earn...

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Lauryn Azu


Lauryn Azu is a junior at WBHS who enjoys writing, reading good books, Starbucks lattes, and her dog Cinnamon. She anticipates the challenges of returning to her third year of Spectrum as an editor, and she will try her hardest...

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Melissa Strome


Melissa Strome is currently a senior at West Bloomfield High School. Melissa enjoys expressing her thoughts and opinions through her writing and is excited to be joining and representing the school’s news site this year. She works ...

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Ben Goldman


Ben Goldman is a senior reporter and writer for Spectrum. He has been a filmmaker for many years, and is excited now to pursue journalism as well!

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Deepa Jha


Deepa Jha is a freshman at West Bloomfield High School. This is her first year in Spectrum. She enjoys playing soccer and hanging out with her friends. She's usually found to be with her soccer team while having fun. Her favo...

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Ryan Horwitz


Ryan Horwitz is a junior and has been in Spectrum for three fabulous years filled with excitement. He loves school, writing sports articles, and playing America's pastime, the great game of baseball. He brings great energy and...

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Madison Ruiz


Madison Ruiz is a West Bloomfield High School student who is in 12th Grade. Madison is 16 years old and has been a part of Spectrum for four years. She enjoys playing violin, softball and tennis. She loves the rapper Drake....

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Avani Samandur


Avani Samandur is a junior who enjoys writing and expressing her opinions on pressing issues of the world. She believes that everyone should be informed about what goes on in our school and around the world. Her hobbies include...

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Nina Ross


Nina Ross is currently a Senior at West Bloomfield High School.  This is her first year in Spectrum. She is the current President of Be the Change at WBHS. She has history of writing press releases as well as news letters.  She ...

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Jo Fogarasi


Jo Fogarasi is a sophmore at WBHS, and this is her second year in Spectrum. She enjoys reading, writing, and listening to music, She is very happy to be part of Spectrum again, and she hopes it will be a great year.

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Emma Lundgren


Emma Lundgren is a Sophomore at WBHS and this is her second year writing for Spectrum. She enjoys writing about pop culture, school life and student opinion. Emma enjoys drawing, listening to music, and participating in theatre....

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