2017-2018 Staff

Sarah Durack


Sarah Durack is a senior at WBHS who enjoys reading, writing, swimming and nature. She has returned to Spectrum after taking the class as a freshman and is excited for the opportunities the class provides. She believes that Spectrum...

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Christina Stevenson


Christina is a junior at West Bloomfield High School returning this school year from Dallas, Texas. She loves to write, take photos, and travel. This is her first year on Spectrum and she is excited to be joining the committed...

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Vaibhav Velagapudi


Vaibhav is a senior and this is his first year in Spectrum. He enjoys the the fantastic camaraderie and fruitful opportunities that West Bloomfield High School boasts. He enjoys playing on the tennis and basketball teams and being ...

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Madelyn Chau


Madelyn Chau is a sophomore at WBHS. This is her first year as a part of Spectrum. Outside of school she enjoys running cross country for WBHS and running track with the Waza track club, as well as playing piano and violin.

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Eitan Shere


Eitan Shere is a sophomore at West Bloomfield High School. He enjoys drawing comic strips, and is eager to get some of his work onto the pages of the Spectrum during his first year. Eitan thinks that adding a comics section will...

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Jo Fogarasi


Jo Fogarasi is a junior at wbhs, and has been on the spectrum staff for 3 years now. When she is not writing, she is usually watching the Challenge on MTV and hanging out with her dog. 

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Tim Webster


Tim is senior at West Bloomfield High School in his first year at Spectrum. He loves to read and write and he wants to someday write fiction for a living. His favorite pastimes are cooking, literature, and Dungeons & Dragons....

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Janelle Karana


Janelle Karana is freshman at WBHS. When she is older she wants to go to Michigan State and become a vet. She has loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She likes to write her own stories and read her own books...

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Deepa Jha


Deepa Jha is a sophomore at WBHS. This is her second year in Spectrum. She enjoys math, science, and playing soccer. She's usually found at home watching Netflix or napping. She looks forward to being able to put her thoughts ...

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Ari Felhandler


Ari is a senior and this is his fourth year in Spectrum. He loves the school spirit at West Bloomfield High School, especially the attendance at sports games. He takes pride in competing in lacrosse, Model United Nations and...

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Lauryn Azu


Lauryn Azu is a senior at WBHS who enjoys writing, reading good books, practicing yoga, and hanging with her dog Cinnamon. She anticipates the challenges of returning to her fourth year of Spectrum as an editor, and she is excited...

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